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Order The Athletic Woman's Survival Guide - How to win the battle against eating disorders, amenorrhea, and osteoporosis. By Carol L. Otis, MD. and Roger Goldingay.

Comments by Barb Harris, Editor in Chief, Shape Magazine

Foreword by Billie Jean King

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Why the Triad Now? Develop a Positive Body Image

Chapter 2. Thin is In: Disordered Eating

Chapter 3. Dying to Be Thin: Anorexia Nervosa

Chapter 4. Out of the Kitchen, Into the Closet: Bulimia Nervosa

Chapter 5. The Power of Your Period: Amenorrhea

Chapter 6. Old Bones in Young Women: Osteoporosis

Chapter 7. Getting Help: Teamwork for Success

Chapter 8. Peak Performance: Preventing the Triad

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